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About Us

NGH Inc. is a diverse company that specializes ISO shipping containers, Flat pack construction and modular building practices to construct homes and other modular products.

We also specialize in mobile and production welding along with Robot Turn Table Fixtures and Welding Jigs.

By leveraging modular construction techniques, we are able to build our products quickly and efficiently, while reducing waste and materials costs.

Our mission is to provide affordable, sustainable housing with the highest quality standards.

Don’t just go green, go Northern Green Homes!

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Featured Products

So you’ve decided to build out of shipping containers…

We build all our products above and beyond Canadian standards so they will last for generations. With skilled tradespeople and professional staff, NGH will make your buying experience a pleasure.

Our hand-crafted, ultra-low footprint homes offer a new kind of building quality not seen in traditional homes. Plus, they’re GREEN!


Quality homes don’t have to cost a lot. See how we can help you build your dream affordably!


Our homes are built to CSA standards. We use the best materials to make your home last!


We take pride in building quality homes in a sustainable way that takes care of our planet!


Industry-leading warranty ensures your home is protected, and you sleep worry-free.


A Canadian company that specializes in building shipping container homes and offices.


Operating for more than 20 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work.