"Bug Be Gone Enclosure"

Portable Bed Bug Decontamination Unit

 Introducing our portable bed bug decontamination unit – the ultimate solution for tackling bed bug infestations. This compact and powerful unit is designed to effectively eliminate bed bugs from mattresses, furniture, and other infested areas. With its advanced technology and easy-to-use functionality, our portable bed bug decontamination unit provides a convenient and efficient way to rid your space of these pesky pests. Say goodbye to bed bugs and hello to peace of mind with our portable decontamination unit!

99.8 % Effective, Quick, Painless Treatments

Bed bug problems are becoming more common in apartment communities. More than ever, it’s important for tenants and landlords to understand these insects and what it takes to eliminate them from apartments.

What are bed bugs?
Bed bugs are tiny insects that live by feeding on human blood, usually at night. They are secretive and evasive.

Our Bed Be Gone Enclosure Unit was designed to truly eliminate bedbugs and other critters from furniture and mattress with 1 treatment.  Allowing for the residence to be treated at the same time. This allows for a thorough decontamination process.

Letting you live in peace while saving the furniture and other house hold goods.

Proven To Kill 99% Of Viruses And Bacteria

The D-Pod is specifically designed to eradicate microbial and living organisms, including bed bugs, from a variety of materials. Each unit is equipped with a combination of powerful UV lights and heaters to successfully decontaminate articles placed inside its decontamination chamber.

Hospitals, care homes, retail stores, sporting complexes and many other establishments can use D-Pod as part of their sanitizing protocols. Its modular design allows for an easy installation, and comes complete with Standard Operating Procedures for staff training. Sanitize and reuse PPE, fixtures, equipment, utensils and tools with the D-Pod, and protect your establishment and staff!

Technical Specifications

  • 20′ L x 8’ W x 9.6’ H steel design
  • 10 x 80w-2L-UVC fixtures
  • Insulated protective coating
  • Rapid heat evacuation
  • Direct air induction
  • Safety and operational lights
  • Exterior thermal cork barrier
  • 3 application control unit
  • EZ Plug
  • Heat vortex fans
  • 1 x 10 KW 220v electric heater
  • 2-position emergency safety shut down

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