The Process

The Process

We carefully build every product that leaves our shop. From start to finish, there are several steps that make NGH products stand out.

At NGH, we build products for everyone! From small bachelor pads to family houses, D-con pods, restaurants and pop-up shops to commercial buildings – we’ve got you covered!

  1. We use shipping containers and SIP Panels
  2. We weld all additions to the container!
  3. Every customer gets to choose and approve the layout and design!
  4. Customization options to suit any budget!
  5. Eco-friendly and energy efficient features come standard!
  6. We manage the entire process for you!
  7. Every product leaving our shop is certified!
  8. Every product meets or exceeds traditional building methods codes!

Progress Pictures

Don’t just go green, go Northern Green Homes!

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